7 November

Presentation of an album a «New World»

2012 swept new "wave" on Andrew Shirman creativity known not only in our country, but also in Europe and the USA under the pseudonym Smash: successful cooperation with a production center of "Velvet Music", joint tracks with Vera Brezhneva and "Vintage" group, participation in interesting projects and shooting, tours practically worldwide. One of the sign moments in Andrew's life is record and release of a new album under the name "New World". The cover of a disk was drawn by the New York artist and the designer Alexander Chulyakov.

The "New World" - an album of experiments and innovations in which Andrew Shirman acts as the author and the producer of 12 new compositions which are written down together with such performers as: Vera Brezhneva, Nataliya Podolskaya, T-Killah, Timur Rodriguez, Radio Killer, Vintage, Reach Heavens groups, Los Devchatos.

Work on an album lasted for 1,5 years. As the result - more mature, ideologically sustained sounding of compositions, interesting and, sometimes, unexpected duets that in general is the beginning of a new stage of creative life of Smash.

Track list of an album "New World":

1. New World of feat. Natailya Podolskaya
2. Love on distance feat. Vera Brezhneva
3. Moscow feat. Vintage 4. Rendez-Vous feat. Mauri
5. The Magnet feat T-Killah & Los Devchatos
6. Young Hearts
7. Together feat. Mauri
8. Thanks Baku feat. To reach Heavens
9. Jump feat. Timur Rodríguez
10. Atom of feat. Asti
11. Only Forward feat. Dj Vengerov

Bonus 1. Save Me Tonight feat Radio Killer
Bonus 2. Kickback of feat Semyon Slepakov