Smash acted in the feature film.

Andrew Shirman, known as Smash, took part in the filming of the movie "12 months", and was the author of the title song for the film.

"New World", so called teamwork Smash and Natalia Podolskaya. The song was written specifically for the film "12 months", and in the video clip includes footage from the "creative workshop" artists studio where they recorded this song, as well as scenes from the film. Romantic comedy, in turn, will tell the audience the story of a girl who came to conquer the capital with his list of cherished desires. Suddenly her hands gets a magic book, dreams come true, but for this girl waiting for a bitter retribution.

"New World" is not the only capital soundtrack to motion picture described above, but also the theme song of the new album Smash the same name, the release of which was held in late 2012.

With a debut role Andrew will appear before the audience, the filmmakers kept secret, but we can already see the clip!

Today, a musical YouTube channel ELLO, the premiere of the movie: