The powerful party covered News the Hall.

In these days off in capital club of News the Hall took place a festival of electronic music "Powerfully" from Smash.

Hurricane of sounds covered present and they became witnesses of opening of new chapter in the history of a dance music. The festival started the mechanism of serial parties under aegis POWERFULLY which will take place two times a year in Moscow, and further and in other cities of Russia. Under the same brand of Smash plans to let out monthly mixes of the most trend music.

"Was very coolly, - Andrew tells. - Thanks to those who was with us. It only began. Wait POWERFULLY in the city".

The love and pleasure atmosphere on a dancing created: Smash, Bobina, Deniz Koyu, Swanky Tunes, Miller, Niki Rich and Ugroza.

The most cool light, the most cool sound, the most powerful DJs - all this a festival of electronic music "Powerfully".