Smash oilman!

Smash together with Vengerov, Bobina and the guys from the popular comedy show Comedy Club: Matua, Averin and Kravets removed the clip on the track, claiming to be the anthem of the oligarchs, "Oil"

The track "Oil" incidentally was born on one of Comedy Club broadcast shootings between comedians Marina Kravets, Zurab Matua, Andrey Averin and the guest of the show Smash. Then actors made the decision to make the full version of "Oil" with Vengerov and Bobina participation. Without clip here too didn't do: Marat Adelshin became the director. "While in Russia there is an oil, in Milan there are I" - this phrase was cornerstone of video. In the clip musicians and comedians dream on an oil monarchy. Here everything without exception is on sale and bought only for one invariable currency - oil.

"A lot of different scenes and a lot of small images. - says Smash. - Oil - is a universal currency that can pay everywhere and for all. "

See and evaluate the work of the whole team, you can now: