Vintage and Smash shot the clip.

In new video the soloist of "Vintage" Anna Pletneva refused a favourite whip, but in exchange she received the real royal crown. Smash too worked over image, and before the audience it will appear in image of Smesh driving on the night city by huge truck with crowd lighting inside of his fans.

Preparing for the clip lasted 3 months, during which specially for the filming ofthe singer managed to master the techniques of judo and undergo training at the worldfamous gymnastics coach Irina Viner. And thanks to the lessons of survival in extreme conditions, it did not even flinch when it was poured 100 liters of colored paint.

In the final video pop diva appears naked on Calvary's Red Square, and thus once again proves that the beauty of the great power!

The premiere of the clip is planned for the end of October.