20 November

Album «Star Tracks»

This fall Smash together with the «Sowa Group», «Velvet Music» and «ChinKong production» open regular routes to the most distant reaches of space. If you have not guessed it - we are talking about the new show and new album Smash, which inhabitantsof the earth will be able to hear and see at the end of November.

The creation of the album took a long two years. Scope of work involves the participation of the most experienced professionals in the field of space technology, including specialists NASA and RosCosmos. Development was carried out in a specially equipped mobile laboratory that visited together with a DJ on all continents. The main objective has been achieved:created unique international sound.

The project involved more than 30 people: artists, DJs, co-producers, researchers and prominent space astrophysics. The names of some them still classified, but we already know that the way you make the company Morandi, Craig David, Bobina, Livingstone, Tara McDonald and others.

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1. Falling Stars (Feat. Morandi)
2. Stop The Time
3. The Edge (Feat. Livingstone)
4. Goodbye My Love (Feat. Seri)
5. Femme Fatale (Feat. Marie Demonte)
6. The Renegades (Feat. Tara McDonald)
7. Rapture
8. Drophead (VS Bobina)
9. Break It (Feat. Charlie Armstrong)
10. Electrobeach (Feat. Silvain Berreteaga)
11. Good Time (Feat. Craig David) 12. Star Track