Smash became the owner of an award radio take-off of 2012.

Tonight Smash won the Top Hit Music Awards in the category "Radiovzlёt 2012". Andrew Shirman took fifth place in the Russian annual performing chart Top 100 Russian Artists (+55 positions). - is a source of current music and video content to 400 radio stations, 80 television stations, hundreds of clubs in Moscow, Russia, Kiev, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic countries, Germany, Finland, Israel, Cyprus, the United States and Canada.

The decade decided to celebrate the first ceremony Top Hit Music Awards, which took place last night in Moscow club «The Artist».

«TopHit - is a professional online-distribution system songs on the radio, and radio - is everything, - says Andrew. - I think that's what makes the radio rating artist and it will for a long time. Thanks TopHit and his entire team for this award. "